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The Dangers of Yoga

Papi Pacify

The 105 year old Yogini

The Hypnotising Zoe Jakes

Apple & Cream Jello with Cinnamon

Good & Bad Pain in Yoga

New Moon in Capricorn

Take a moment to sift your hopes through your hearts, make sure you’re treading in truth.

Subtle & Steamy – FKA Twigs

Mesmerising Slow Mo

Skin Dazzle

The Fruit of Paradise


The Spectacular Rachel Brice

the tribal path

Moments of Grace

i remember longing for something…

Jessie J’s stunning cover of “We Found Love”

Love in Motion

Tenderness brushing against concrete, beautifully choreographed (!)

Zinc for a Sensuous Life & Beautiful Skin

Strong Immune System – Healthy Skin

The unparalleled Roberto Cavalli

Raury, the whisper of a generation screaming

Modern Yoga Styles

A guide to all the main contemporary yoga styles

Yoga Trends – Hybrid Styles

Aerial, aqua, acro, or SUP yoga

Shake up your workout with Janet

50 Cent Took a Hot Yoga Class

Classic Art

Rollerskater London Tribe

Take care of your human

How To Find The Right Yoga Style For You

Make a personal but informed decision

Alice Smith “Another Love”

Alice Smith “Another Love” live at Grand Street Bakery

My Healing Experiment SUCCESS III





Let life be simple – fly!

The epitome of Grace

“Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye (…)”

London to Goa…

Flying to India to study at the Shri Kali Ashram…. My first time in Asia…

Millet Breakfast Recipe

Headstanding through the tears

Aerial Dance – Art not Acrobatics

A splendid aerial performance from Selkie Hom!

Most Captivating Aerial Dance Video Ever

One of the most spectacular aerial dance videos!

The Vegan Path

Healthy, Cruelty-Free, Good For The Planet

Elie Saab – Fairies & Stardust

Dazzling sheers, ethereal beauties

Cowboy Hero Stands for Muslim Neighbours


NYC Stands Against Trump

Respect Bill de Blasio!!

Aries New Moon – the magnificent self

Beautiful Cat-proof Autumn Decoration

Unleash your creativity this season

Minerals – what you need to know

My research about minerals…

In-depth Cellular Music Therapy

Ground-breaking holistic healing method

My Healing Experiment II

A World Beyond Reason & My Healing Experiment I

Yoga Shake Off

The Ultimate Stress & Tension Releasing Technique

Solar Eclipse Playlist

13th of July 2018

Yoga Prayer I

Yoga Prayer II

Natural vs. Synthetic Supplements

Supplement with caution

Food Derived Vitamins and Minerals or Supplements

Bottega Veneta SS17

Max Mara SS17

Cavalli SS17

The Fairy World of Marchesa SS17

Pilates – body writing

Wisdom at its most adorable


Health benefits of rambutan fuits

Victoria Beckham SS17

Versace SS17

Carolina Herrera SS17

13 Vitamins, their functions and food sources

Vitamins – what you need to know

Halloween for your Hallowed

The Roots of Halloween – All Saints’ Day, Samhain and Dziady

Iron Deficiency & Iron Absorbtion

20+ Iron-Rich Vegan Foods

Iron in Your Diet

Ellie Saab SS17

Shri Kali Ashram Traditional Tantra Yoga

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