The New Moon is a time of slowing down, turning inward, a time of reflection.
Obscurity has us facing our own shadows. But it is also where we uncover the roots of our own innate power, where we settle in our wisdom. It’s a moment to stop and breathe in the promise of a bright tomorrow. In the dark, we light the sparks of our dreams.
Each New Moon is a chance to plant the seeds you want to grow with the glow of the moon.
“This is a super-charged seeding time for anything new. And if you’re struggling with dragging energy, it’s a spark out of stagnation. (…)
The Sun and Moon are both in Aries, to stoke the fires of who you really are, beyond what others expect or need. There’s an energizing splay of fire energies around the chart’s wheel, with Uranus the ultimate sparker close at 17 degrees.”
With so much energy in Aries, it is a good time to acknowledge the magnificence of your unique self
(include your higher and lower selves here, remember – you are one).
Focus on what makes you special, and use it to your advantage. Own your life, own this stage!
Trust yourself. Let your light shine!
Dare to be Magnificent!
In terms of yoga, this New Moon invokes a very important theme – trusting your self,
remembering that the challenge always lays within, that it’s not the WHAT, but the HOW that matters, that it’s not about achieving the hardest asanas, but about gaining deeper awareness of your self while in that pose.
So, this weekend when you do your yoga (or jogging, or dancing), more than anything else, try to be aware.
Feel your body, free your mind. Know where you’re going, but enjoy the ride!
To harness the power of this New Moon – set an intention – keep it simple, think of what you desire….
Aries-style, let it be about you, you’re allowed to be selfish.
Take the first thing that comes to mind – speak it… breathe it… focus…
and flow!
My soundtrack to this New Moon is “Magnificent” by Dynasty