Chakras are part of the intricate energetic system of the body and are inextricably linked to our physical, emotional, as well as spiritual well being. The subtle energies flowing through us are a reflection of what is going on all these levels and can be modified with the use of yoga asanas, breathing, meditation as well as chromotherapy.  Chakra yoga combines all these elements to balance and optimise the workings of our physical and mental systems.
There are 7 chakras and they all correspond to different glands, organs, colours and notes on the musical scale, as well as different facets of being. We use these correlations to heal, energise and bring a state of equanimity to the subtle realm of existence.
The class begins with breathing and feeling into our current energetical state. Then we proceed to moving through the chakras. For each one, we perform specific asanas and focus the breath in a different area of the body in order to boost that energy centre. The colour and sound aspects are a very prominent part of the process, as for each chakra the music and the light hue will also change accordingly.
The class ends with a chakra oriented meditation that allows everyone to energise and harmonise depending on their own needs.
The final relaxation is a time to observe the changes that have taken place and to let the subtle shift sink in.

Who Should Try It

Anyone interested in exploring their subtle body and the chakra system as a way of healing and freeing their potential.


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