SOME ASANAS ARE JUST BEYOND THEIR REACH our new “Do The Impossible” workshop series will help you overcome limiting beliefs and physical blocks that may be holding you back on the mat, as well as in life. This program is devised to guide you through the building blocks of complex asanas like inversions, splits, deep backbends, etc., and show you how to achieve what you previously thought wasn’t possible. “Do the Impossible” will boost your confidence and give you a set of new tools to take your yoga practice to the next level.

The series will comprise of three workshops which will introduce you to the aerial versions of traditional asanas, and show you how the conscious use of breath, core strength and the right attitude can make all the difference in achieving asanas that you thought of as impossible.



In part one we will focus on breathing, body awareness and deep stretching; unlocking the body, relieving the mind and soothing the nerves. This will be an introduction to the safest and easiest way of performing inversions. The yoga hammock makes it effortless and allows anyone to take full advantage of the health benefits associated with having their world turned upside down. The exhilarating experience of totally yielding to gravity, sinking into space is also unlike any other form of relaxation.


The second workshop will revolve around core stability; with a lot of strengthening, balance training and again stretching to prepare the body for more demanding asanas. You will also learn how to use the hammock to ease your way into more advanced asanas like Natarajasana, or Scorpion.


Part three is about using the skills and confidence gained in the first two modules to face your psycho-emotional inhibitions and venture into a more dynamic aerial yoga practice that involves some acrobatic elements, blending a flowing yoga practice with impressive aerial tricks. You will have the chance to observe your unconscious reactions and experience the satisfaction of breaking past your debilitating defense mechanisms.

A long relaxation concludes every workshop. We wrap ourselves up in the hammocks and gently rock in a silk cocoon suspended in the air; slowly surrendering to gravity, breathing, giving up control and finding peace in the present moment.



Do The Impossible I – stretching, breath work, gravity & inversions, body awareness and relaxation

Do The Impossible II – core strength, strengthening, advanced asanas, relaxation

Do The Impossible III – air yoga flow, dynamic sequencing, acrobatic elements, relaxation


For Who?

Are you dreaming of the perfect Dhanurasana? A full split? Do you still feel hesitant going into advanced inversions?

Have you been practicing for a while but some asanas still feel unachievable to you?

Are you looking for a way to target stubborn tension that inhibits your performance on and off the mat?

If so “Do the Impossible” is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

A minimum of 12 months yoga experience required.


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