“Natural sound wave as in-depth cellular music therapy is a newly discovered effective means of combating even the most serious sicknesses. Apart from freeing oneself from around 250 various disorders, moreover it brings about the inner serenity and joy, as for the feeling of joy appears thanks to vibration itself. The frequencies come from simple instruments called tuning forks, that can be applied by the people themselves regardless of their musical knowledge or the stage of sickness. Simple usage makes them easy and pleasant therapy tools and excludes any side effects.

The principle is tuning body cells and inner organs to their own scientifically defined health frequency (balance) applied in the correct tuning fork. At the same time cancerous cells, being very weak, undergo disintegration process, they just burst due to lack of tuning and they are being removed from the organism together with harmful toxins. The healthy cells, on the other hand remain intact, and even better nourished. This makes that method a non-invasive one, always bringing about positive results for all body cells what almost immediately improves our comfort and frame of mind.”

source: www.akademiadzwieku.com