Have you dreamed of flying as a child? Have you ever looked up at birds in the sky and wondered what that kind of freedom must be like?

Well, thanks to air yoga you don’t have to wonder anymore. Very simple aerial techniques allow you to experience the dynamics of flying using nothing but a silk hammock for support. You don’t need strength, or any knowledge of yoga. All you have to do is let go, trust the universe to support you and enjoy. Children know exactly how to do that, and we do too. We have just forgot, but the joy is still there. Yoga in the air might help you remember. Defying gravity may be a way to allow your inner child to laugh again.

The air yoga experience is not only totally exhilirating, but also very soothing. So, let life be simple for a moment – fly!

Check the short clip below to see my favourite little girl enjoy her first time flying…