Next retreat coming in Winter 2019


The retreat will be a chance for you to take a break from reality, experience the healing touch of Justyna and experience the joy of flying with Tara Maye.


Air Yoga is a practice involving the use of a silk sling suspended above ground. It does wonders for stretching and strengthening while at the same time helping to harmonise the body and calm the mind. But most of all, the aerial hammock provides a super simple method of performing inverted postures, which makes it a wonderful tool for decompressing the spine, relieving back pain and relaxing the entire nervous system.

The health benefits of air yoga are many (read more here) but everyone’s favourite part of the practice is always the final floating relaxation, where wrapped in a silk cocoon you’re allowing yourself to relinquish control and sink into space. Rocking to the rhythm of your own breath, feeling yourself be breathed, you are finding the stillness within. By simply letting go, you are returning to your natural state of peace.

This unique restorative experience and the opportunity of realising your childhood dreams of flying, is what makes Magic Touch & Fly retreats an unforgettable experience.

To compliment the effects of yoga and add to the restorative quality of the retreat, we offer a variety of therapeutic and rejuvenating massages by our miracle-worker Justyna Zyla. Those struggling with pain, postural problems and spine issues will be able to take advantage of her exceptional physio and manual therapy skills. The more aesthetically inclined can try a face massage or the newest manual body sculpting techniques.

This will be a time for you, to take care of your body, relax the mind and regain some balance which is essential for a healthy and happy life.

Every day starts with a breathing session, or air yoga. The afternoons are spent enjoying nature, doing pilates or discussing the ins & outs of yogic philosophy and healthy living. After dinner we unwind with a slow, gentle yoga class, candle-lit meditation and aromatherapy.



Aerial yoga, pilates, breath work, relaxation and aromatherapy, massages and manual therapy

Suitable for everyone, regardless of age, or yoga experience (air yoga is always split into beginner and advanced groups).

We have a couple of favourite secluded locations that provide a serene environment, quality accommodation and delicious home-made food.

Our next retreat will takes place in Ojrzanow, Poland.



Teacher – Tara Maye

Yoga and pilates teacher, dancer, european air yoga trailblazer.

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Therapist – Justyna Zyla

Masseuse, physiotherapist, manual therapist, professional educator

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