I began with a super strong dose of healing energy – first day of visualising, plus some extra Reiki goodness from my friend Mary.

I must say, that as much as I believe in the power of the mind, I didn’t expect this. From the very first try, when my attention descended down to my right foot, deep into my little toe, I felt it; down in my foot, deep in my toe. the damage, the bruising. My awareness explicitly there. And, a gentle force guiding my breath to mend and clear, mend and clear in soothing waves of thought. And as I visualised my bone fusing together, I was literally feeling it happen(!)

Little did i know, that this was only the beginning. It wasn’t until the Reiki session, that the power of intention really blew my mind. As Mary held out her hands, I felt my heartbeat deep down in that foot, a deep heavy sound reverberating through and through, soothing. But, as soon as I rejoined her in that broken axis, my pulse was pounding and there was a distinct, physical pain – exactly where the bone was severed, probably the most intense pain I felt since knocking my toe on that yoga mat…. (don’t know if that is the case with all broken bones, as I’ve never had anything else broken, but it hardly hurts at all… unless I’m purposely focusing on it…) And. every time my attention wandered off, the ache lessened. And, when I returned, it was back.

And then we started making tea, and it was gone. And, I was astounded at the tangibility of our innate potential… Long forgotten, suppressed through millennia of numbing “religious” hegemony, our sacred flame is still alive, ready to burst and burn, the wild fire within that makes us fealess. Healing is surrender, and the simple act of breathing, through your whole being, permeating every inch of you, boundaries dissipating, disappearing, dissolving into One. And you rise, with all the mighty love of the universe – Artemis and her golden stag, and her golden toe!

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