–  3 DAYS  –

The first few days were tough. I tried to keep moving to a bare minimum primarily because the injury forces me into an awry, lopsided position anytime I stand up. The discord in alignment feels like a violation. And it only takes a couple of minutes for my body to confirm – my ankle, my heel, my knee, all adomently advising rest. And I’m not going to argue…:)

Visualisation boot camp it is.

As expected, my visualising sessions are not as regular as I might have originally planned. Even bound to bed, I find myself with a million important tasks at hand. That being said, the results are still pretty amazing…. It’s only been a week since I broke my toe and I’m already back doing classes. Nothing overly strenous of course, but I can easily stand on my foot now and was able to show up for my weekly Pilates group class.

–  7 DAYS  –

For a couple of days now the visualisations have felt different. Not so intense anymore, especially where the bone was coalescing. What has before so distinctly felt like my toe fusing back together, is now almost imperceivable. I’m not gonna be testing it’s strenght just yet, but I’m pretty sure the bone has healed already(!) There is still bruising around the area though, so I shall continue the boot camp for a while longer.

–  14 DAYS  –

Two weeks exactly and I am good as new! Well, besides the loss or strength and gain of cellulite (only 2 weeks of restricted activity!) But my broken toe is entirely healed.

Viva la Visualisation!

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