My vibes for this Cancer New Moon dance session with #TheMystics

Solar Eclipse Playlist

“And you can go by feel
Instead of circumstance
But the power’s in believing
So give yourself a chance”

Michael Jackson “Keep the Faith”

And here’s a little direction from one of my favourite astrologers – Kaypacha:

“Time for some deep feelings emerging up from the past! Particularly those parts of the past where we have been wounded and are now rising up from the unconscious to be tended to. This is part of the evolutionary process of these times…. self love takes self care and self care takes feeling into our personal needs, lives, and hurts to take even better care of ourselves and learn from the past so it doesn’t happen again.

Life is in no hurry, if we run away or hide our pain, It will just wait until another day, another relationship, another time, and bring the learning lesson back. When we have this eclipse in Cancer it is like we need to address the past before moving into the future….. the next two eclipses being in firey Leo.

So what to do? I suggest that first of all it is good to sit in the feeling and not run for distraction or escape. Beneath the feeling is a hurt or a wound and this will point to a need that has not been acknowledged, heard, or acted on. For some it may even be a challenge to accept the need so that is first! Sometimes we’d like to think we are big and strong and don’t have these needs….. needs can be humbling if they upset our self concept.”

Kaypacha Lescher