Pilates is designed to improve posture, develop core-strength, flexibility and mobility.

It teaches us to move consciously, safely and efficiently. It is a slow-paced workout focused on coordination and correct alignment. Spine health is a primary concern. The basics of Pilates are fundamental to developing healthy exercising habits, and ensuring a safe practice. Pilates is the ABC of fitness. Whether you’re an athlete, a dancer, or just someone who wants to upgrade their gym performance, improve posture, or get rid of back pain, PILATES is the answer.

Along my journey, it has greately increased my body awareness and control. It had resolved my postural problems and given me a strong foundation to safely pursue other disciplines. That is why Pilates constitutes one of the main building blocks of my teaching method, as well as my own practice. I believe it is paramount to begin by grounding, introducing the technical aspects and guiding people into greater body awareness to ensure safety before we move onto strength training, acrobatics or the spiritual aspects. So, whether I teach yoga, air yoga or dance, elements of Pilates are always woven into my classes.



A women’s class focused on posture, body language and developing a sense of grace.

Grace in motion is a system that combines Pilates, and Tribal Belly Dance with basic shamanic practices to cultivate an attitude of grace in the realm of the body, as well as the mind and spirit. Orientated towards developing an awareness of subtle energies and corporeal communication – our innate feminine strength, Pilates GIM classes inspire a sense of freedom within and without, while assisting in the realization of our intrinsic, graceful nature; developing body-awareness, while fostering beauty in form, and grace in motion.

“Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.” Friedrich Schiller


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