After a good few years of silence, Janet Jackson is back with a new album “Unbreakable”. I used to love the way that gossamer voice softened even the harshest 80’s dance beats, as well as her more intimate, refined albums that followed. Unfortunately now, the endearing subtlety is all drowned up in heavy electronic arrangements. Only two songs, the “No Sleep” single, and “Lesson learned”, seem to have retained the style we know and love her for.

Meanwhile, Vogue has compiled a fitness workout based on Janet’s dance moves. So if you’re missing the old Janet, or feeling like your usual routine is getting old, you might want to use these for inspiration…



01-warmup-rock-with-you-stretch-NEW 03-warmup-nasty-hip-twist-NEW 04-arms-together-again-warmup-arms

Core & Cardio

08-legs-scream-legs- 10-abs-if-abs 11-balance-doesnt-really-matter-new

Check out the whole selection below:

Janet Jackson Music Video Workout