Idea by Anna Potter,  photo India Hobson

Unleash your creativity this season – make a beautiful flower-filled cloche for your home.

Bell-shaped glass cloches have been known for centuries but have somehow been pushed aside by lavish bouquets and flower vases. The latter are no doubt a more hassle-free option, as all you need to do is buy some fowers and stick them in a vase. But I always feel like time somewhat slows down in autumn, the days get shorter, we stay home most evenings indulging in comfort food or mulled wine. This seems like a perfect time to get creative and make something special to beautify the space that brings us comfort.

The flower-filled cloche is a particularly useful solution if you have cats that love playing with your home plants! Even if you use dried elements, you can be sure your loved one won’t make a mess of it.

This particular design is perfect for the fall. However, the arrangement can take any shape or form you like. Depending on the elements you use, it can evoke any season or motif. You can use flowers, twigs, feathers, leaves, or any other materials like ribbon, seashells, minerals, or even wire for a more futuristic look. So feel free to experiment, let your creative spirit roam, make it a perfect table decoration, an artpiece, or a dream materialised.

If you would like to make one of these yourself, got to the food52 website for a detailed how-to guide.

For more beautiful flower arrangements check Anna Potter’s instagram