Veganism is definitely trending… And I get the feeling it’s not just another diet fad but that it may actually be the next step in evolution. Because why would a fully evolved being want to, even indirectly, inflict suffering, or add to the destruction of our planet…?

Benefits of the growing number of vegans and vegetarians span across not only environmental issues and ethics. It also makes a world of a difference in terms preserving our youth and keeping us in good health. Numerous studies have reported that a vegan diet tends to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, as well as reduce the symptoms of arthritis. It can also be very helpful in losing weight.

In a study done by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013 it has been observed that “Participants who completed the 18-week study lost 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg) if they were in the vegan group, compared to 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg) if they were in the control group. ” It concludes to say that “Participants in the vegan groups lost more weight. They also improved their blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels compared to those following a control diet.”

I hear many people stating the risk if nutrient-deficiency as a reason to avoid vegan and vegeterian diets. And while a very strict vegan diet may indeed cause low vitamin D and B-12 levels, and it may be more challenging to get enough protein. if you just add some grass-fed, organic eggs to the mix, that’s both of these issues resolved. Most of the other claims seem to be bogus. Take iron for example:

“Heme iron absorption is substantially higher than non-heme iron from plant foods. However, hemoglobin concentrations and the risk of iron deficiency anemia are similar for vegans compared with omnivores and other vegetarians (70). Vegans often consume large amounts of vitamin C–rich foods that markedly improve the absorption of the nonheme iron.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


To begin with, check out this long list of vegan athletes:

And, here are a few inspiring vegans who will crush your stereotypes about a plant-based diet

My favourite vegan youtuber – Vegan Hustle TV

David Haye – the vegan boxer

Vegan strongman, extreme intermittent fasting – Dr. Amen-Ra

I am by no means an expert on veganism, this is just part of my own reserach that I wanted to share with you.

I have been vegetarian since the age of 16. However, for years my diet has been very far from healthy. It is fair to say, that for over 10 years I lived on fruits, veg and an obscene amounts of sweets, cakes and chocolate. Luckily, detoxing and cutting out diary products has had the unexpected effect of diminishing my sugar cravings. And while chocolate and eggs are, and probably always will be part of my diet. I mostly* eat healthy now, feel great and my body looks better then ever before.

* Look out for the next post about my free-spirited approach to diet:)

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