Images courtesy of Vogue

Hands down the best show at New York Fashion Week! From the light and runway design to the clothes and message, Versace’s Spring ready-to-wear collection is a vision.

It begins with the words:

“This show is for the women taking chances,
Take the leap
If we do nothing, we get nothing
Take the leap
Cause living is better than dreaming”

Donatella dazzled us with a splendid collection that blends a cool, sporty style with glimmering glamour and flowing forms with riveting fabrics fusions. Set against a backdrop of purple strobes and an angular indigo catwalk, these pieces exude confidence and a sense of effortless empowered femininity reminding us that…

“We’ve got it all, if we look for it
Deep inside
Deep deep down inside
Take the leap
Our past is behind us
Our future is up for grabs
Take the leap
And the net will appear
Strength is there, behind our fear

Take the leap”

Watch the full show here:

My favourite piece has got to be the navy ensemble that Gigi Hadid walked down the catwalk – a shimmering knitted see-through dress paired with a billowy parka…


But there is more…

versace SS17

versace SS17

And the boots on Naomi…

versace SS17

versace SS17