My approach to yoga is rooted in the tantric tradition, but the way I teach is tailored to address the challenges of our contemporary lifestyle.

My classes are focused around breathing, raising awareness, releasing tension and unblocking the body-mind continuum; physically demanding, yet consciousness-oriented. Relaxation plays an important part in the process. I like to use visualisations, aromatherapy and sound therapy to enhance the restorative qualities of the practice. I aim to assist my students in instilling a sense of calm and presence, space and lightness of being.

My teaching style follows the traditional eight-limbed path of yoga. I believe a strong physical foundation is a vital step on the yogic journey, and is indispensable to ensure safety. Breath control, body awareness, alignment, mobility and strength are essential to the way I teach. The rest is about guidance, more than anything else. So, while I love sharing useful tools and techniques, challenging and inspiring people to realise their infinite potential, I also like to give my students the freedom to explore the practice for themselves.

To me, yoga is a path of transformation. I feel very fortunate to be able to assist so many people on their journey.



A dynamic vinyasa-based yoga class that stretches and strenghtens the body while fostering breath and body-awareness.

A challenging physical practice which harmonises the body, mind and spirit; where movement follows breath, mind becomes suspended at centre point, and in the play of stillness and motion the spirit rejoices.



Traditional yoga style, the first step on the tantric path. Works with the unconscious to relax the body, mind and spirit.

A passive yet powerful workout where postures are held for long periods of time to stimulate deeper layers of tissue and the self. It is a practice of letting go while developing endurance and enabling safe, effective stretching. Tantric yoga classes emphasize pranayama for increasing breath capacity, reducing stress and balancing the energies.

Based on the teachings of Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha (Shri Kali Ashram).



Yoga for the spine is all about deep stretching and core strength. It’s recommended for treating back problems, as well as preventing them.

My approach is heavily influenced by Pilates, as there is no better method of stabilising the body and protecting the spine. This class will teach you the rules of correct alignment. It stretches and tones restoring muscular & myofascial balance. The strengthening of the back and core muscles will help in keeping that healthy, balanced posture not only in class, but more importantly throughout the day as well.



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