Our very first Yoga Jam Session took place in July 2016 by the beach in the centre of Warsaw.

We had a choice of different classes and massage tent on location for a full-service Sunday relaxation. An awesome DJ was playing reggae for us from morning till sunset, so there was dancing in between the yoga classes. Healthy lunch options were available at Plazowa Cafe and the bar served a selection of refreshing drinks. The sun was shining and good vibes were flowing:)


11.00 – vinyasa yoga dub session
12.30 – breath, key to health, path to peace
15.00 – chakra yoga jam
18.00 – yoga & relaxation

Massages all day long!

Yoga by Tara Maye, massages by Fizjobell, music by DJ Jahu.


The event was totally free and so much fun!

Can’t wait for next year’s edition…



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