Vinyasa Yoga with Live Music

Yoga with live music is a unique opportunity to experience a vinyasa practice saturated with the heat of african rhythms. Strengthening, stretching and breath are experienced in a totally new way. The omnipresent vibration of the instruments warms the body, frees the mind and boosts our energy allowing us to go deeper into the practice. A truly one of a kind experience!

Yoga Shake-Off

The yogic part of the workshop will conclude with a stress and trauma release technique based on our natural propensity for shaking off physical and emotional blocks.  If you would like to find out more about this method read – What Is Yoga Shake Off

Drumming Meditation

In african culture drumming is more than a percussive accompaniment. Traditionally, drums have always been a principal element of any ceremony. From weddings and funerals to healing rituals, harvest and full moon celebrations. The power of these instruments lays in the prominence of their pulsating vibrational quality which permeates space, skin, mind and speaks directly to the deeper level of consciousness. The unique nature of their sound cleanses and activates our energetic system. The root chakra is especially affected, so everything to do with security, our basic needs, grounding and fear can be balanced in the process. Drumming meditation is also a great way to restore our connection to the earth and allow us to feel our roots again. which is a especially useful to all of us who live so far removed from that essential part of existence. And most of all, surrendering to the cadent waves of drums music makes enetering a state of meditation very easy.

(In this part, we invite you to join us .. but you can also just listen and enjoy.)

A moment of relaxation in absolute silence will conclude the workshop.


Who For

For all yoga fanatics, dance addicts, meditation maniacs and african culture lovers. For everyone who would like to experience their favourite practice blended with intoxicating african rhythms.

Some yoga experience is required for the Yoga & Shake Off part of the workshop.


Teachers & Musicians

Tara Maye (Leira) – yoga teacher, pilates instructor, polish air yoga pioneer. More info…

Amadou Fola – a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and dancer. The founder of Fula Dou (djembe, dundun, acoustic guitar) More info…

Abdoulaye Badji – multi-instrumentalist and vocalist born into a senegalese griot family. Passionate kora player. Founder of The Badji Band (kora, djembe) More info…

Ramzi Attia – dj and music producer More info…


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