Yoga Prayer is meditation in motion. It blends the benefits of an intense vinyasa yoga practice with body-mind cleansing techniques and strong intentional focus.

Since yoga has become mainstream, the essence of the practice has shifted from sacrum to profanum. Yoga Prayer is still very much physical, yet the purpose behind it is to reclaim its spiritual roots. By using repetitive vinyasa sequencing, conscious breathing and concentrating on an intention, we let our bodies dissolve into an deliberate stream of consciousness – prayer.

Surrendering mind to body, and body to breath, is a way of letting go, accepting what is and recaliming our innate potential. It is a search for internal guidance that will help us lead a more inspired, fearless existence. This method can be a way of expressing gratitute, sending out wishes, asking for answers, as well as a communion with the forces of the Universe (God/Goddess). Using continuous flowing motion, it dissolves the conscious into the subconscious giving us immense creative powers.

Yoga Prayer is a journey towards a more joyous, boundless and authentic life.


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