Yoga Shake Off is the ultimate stress and tension releasing technique that heals mental and emotional issues by unlocking the tension built up in the body. It is a fusion of yoga, breath awareness, and the natural propensity of the body to release stress through shaking.

In my work as a yoga teacher I have often encountered people whose bodies respond with shaking when in a deep stretch. And everyone experiences shaking when excessively overloading a particular muscle group. For a long time I thought it to be just a side effect, a natural reaction of the body. And while it is a very natural reaction, there is also purpose to it which only became clear to me after reading a book by David Bercelli, PhD.

His work in the field of post traumatic stress has led to the development of TRE – Trauma Release Exercises. Inspired by his own battle with PTSD and extensive research, he came to recognise shaking as the body’s natural self-regulating mechanism which allows the release of stress and ensures that the system returns to a normal balanced state following a more or less traumatic experience. You can watch a short video that depicts a natural occurrence of this process –  polar bear shake off video.

The Wisdom of the Body

Most of us have experienced shaking in a stressful situation, or after a traumatic event. Most of us have also tried to subdue it. Unfortunately not allowing the body to complete this process is what keeps stress and tension locked in within our system and the psyche. Which not only inhibits our natural healing capacity, but also aggravates the effects of post traumatic stress and keeps us locked in a cycle of chronic stress and discomfort.

So while it may feel, or look weird to give in to tremors, it is worth trusting the innate wisdom of the body and allowing it to shake off anxiety, fear, tension or trauma. Apart from being totally safe, shaking is also extremely powerful. It is our personal built-in stress management system, but it can also be used to dissolve subconscious blocks, clear repressed traumatic memories and release tension locked in the muscles and fascia.

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The Yoga Shake Off Technique

Yoga Shake Off uses breathing to bring awareness, a vinyasa practice to reopen blocked areas within the body and shaking as a way to cleanse and restore balance.

The session is usually 90 min long.

Who Should Try It

This workshop is for anyone experiencing the negative effects of stress, or struggling with persistent physical tension. It is a great relaxation technique but may be very helpful in dealing with physical and emotional trauma as well.


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