Yoga Shake Off is the ultimate stress and tension releasing technique that heals mental and emotional issues by unlocking the tension built up in the body. It is a fusion of yoga, breath awareness, and the natural propensity of the body to release stress through shaking.


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The Workshop

We begin with breathing, being present. Being in our bodies, with our minds, here and now is key to reconnecting with our selves and starting the healing process. It is also a moment to acknowledge where we are physically, mentally and emotionally, noticing what needs to be released. But even if we don’t, the innate wisdom of our bodies is sure to notice.

Following is a strenuous vinyasa yoga practice that will make you sweat and prepare you for the shaking part of the process.

The shake off is a time when we lay on the mat and give in to the natural healing potential of our bodies. By positioning the body in a way that invokes tremors, we access its intrinsic capacity for  curing trauma and releasing any stagnant tension. This part of the practice requires nothing more than giving in and allowing the wisdom of the body to flow through us.


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